A farewell

We said good bye to one of our own tonight. Parting with sweet sorrow knowing she is leaving us to step into an exciting journey of embracing the hurting, orphaned souls of Haitian children to bring them the love of their Heavenly Father, letting them know that they have been adopted by a King; King Jesus. Our loss will be their gain. These beautiful children in Haiti are receiving a gift wrapped in love brought “special delivery” from their Heavenly Father that loves all His children so deeply.

God has a special journey, place, calling for each of us. Just remember, that life is a journey not a destination. So embrace the journey of discovering who you can bring life, hope, and love to. Sarah heads off to her new family in Haiti but who is in your sphere of influence that may need to know the love of their Heavenly Father. Perhaps, it will be the single mom across the street, your hair dresser or the grocery clerk. Let’s be mindful of those around us that may need someone to help put a little sass in their step.

P.S. You too can follow Sarah and her family’s journey to Haiti. Meet all 43+ kids that they are embracing as their own. Perhaps, it will inspire you to step out and go for your dreams. http://www.ayitibound.com

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