Eternity Based Thinking

The do what feels good in the moment, wild, uncontrolled life, of ME & I that our current world system promotes can be very enticing when we allow our focus to be based upon the “present” instead of based upon “eternity”. When we look to fix things or people; feel good; or be entertained, right now, we tend to cut corners, neglect others, or just make poor choices all together. But, when we step back and look at our situation or our life from the perspective of spending eternity with our Heavenly Father, suddenly the enticements of this world system grow dim. This week at my women’s group we talked about the things that can entice us away from living a life fully surrendered to our Lord. We all agreed it is easy to lose focus when we get our eyes off Jesus and begin focusing on personal desires, concerns, or even disappointments which can cause us to turn to the world for a quick fix. At times it can seem easier to turn to comfort food, busyness (shopping or running around town), or checking out mentally with a glass of wine and a “chic-flic”. However, we have all learned that in the end these choices often, make us feel worse, not better. So, gather some friends together as I do on Thursday nights with the focus of keeping each other accountable to turning to Jesus instead of to this world system. Be honest about what entices you to turn to the quick fixes or what can get you off the course you desire to follow. We need each other, God never intended us to walk this journey alone. Life can be all the more sweeter when shared with a few sassy friends of like mind and heart. Remember, Jesus offers us the best life! 

Healing our Hearts

We are told that all the laws of the bible can be summed up in these two things: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. So how do we do this? Well, I believe, it is impossible without a heart connection with God as your Heavenly Father. I am praying that as you read this, you will determine to lay your heart open before a Heavenly Father that loves you and allow Him to heal your hurts, disappointments and brokenness  so that you can begin to fully love and be loved. Just be willing!

Break Free!

Have you ever asked yourself “What keeps me from living in the moment; from truly embracing life and living it to the fullest?” My womens group had an amazing discussion about that very thing. We felt for us there were two main hinderances, the fear of man, (how others view us or what they may say about us); and taking on a false since of responsibility. As women, we can tend to take on the weight of the world; we feel a need to fix everyone and everything. When we take on  responsibility that doesn’t belong to us we end up taking things out of God’s hands and put them in our limited frame of reference and ability thus weighing us down and hindering us from fully living ourselves. We all agreed it was a much better plan to release everything into God’s hands asking Him to direct us in how to navigate properly through our “responsibilities” as wives, mothers, friends and co-workers. As we ask Him to teach us how to pray, what to say or better what not to say, and what is truly our responsibility in the situations that are keeping us bound up in fear, we will be free to more fully embrace life. Our only true responsibility is to obey our Heavenly Father as He leads, prompts us, and teaches us through His Word. Otherwise, we can get in the trap of just living life as a reaction to what is happening around us or based on what others say or do; instead we want to create the moments we want. We want to fully live in each moment getting every last drop of life out of each experience, lesson or encounter. We each agreed we don’t want to live for the next experience; we don’t want to wait for life to start; we don’t want to live according to someone else’s view of life or us but, we want to live TODAY to the fullest. So, we ended the night praying for each other, repenting for our self emposed hinderances. We said no more to coming underneath the cares of this world and fear based on past experiences that are robbing us of fully embracing life and living to the fullest.  It felt great to release everything to God and determine to begin to see life through His eyes knowing He has planned an incredible life for us as we break every hindrance off and go all in with Him. If it is your desire to fully embrace life, take time to think about what might be holding you back; discuss it with friends then commit it to God and allow Him to show you what He has planned for your life!

Live In The Moment!

Due to past negative life experiences it is human nature to try and hold back because we are afraid of suffering more loss but, in the end, it’s the holding back that causes us to lose. Determine to get every last drop you can out of each of life’s experiences. Live today; what can you do, see, experience today? And don’t base it on any yesturdays.