Finding Your Unique Rhythm

As creatures of habit we have a tendency to look for formulas, traditions or consistencies we can rely on or follow that will give us our desired outcome. At times these pursuits can be productive as they lead us to a balanced, disciplined and organized life. However, on the flip side, our reliance on these set formulas and traditions can cause us to miss out on discovering our own Unique Rhythm with God. We can’t base our life and walk with God solely on the experiences of others. God is essentially saying: … “I want you to know Me and how I want to live and move and have My being within you.” This can only happen as we learn how God speaks to us as an individual and as we learn about our own unique personality and what He has put within us to use for His glory. I believe God has a special Unique Rhythm for each of us to flow in with Him. Fall in love with who He is and who He is within you. I know for myself, I don’t want to live anyone else’s life; I don’t want anyone else’s experiences with God ~ ~ I want to live my life totally and completely for, in and with Him. I want the life He has specifically created me for! So let’s set aside all pretense and performance and begin to fully embrace who God created us to be and within that Unique Rhythm, live free and sassy.

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