Living in the Greater Reality

One of my daily prayers is “Lord teach me how to live the life you created me for”. I know He has put things within me I have not yet discovered. I know I’m not fully walking in the power I feel welling up within me. I know there are deeper levels of intimacy with Him I have not yet tapped into. I am so hungry for more. I feel like a little girl in the school yard looking out at this great big world saying, “Lord how do I master that?” He said that He would give us the keys of the kingdom of heaven. I want every last key and I want to know how and when to use them. I’ve had many glimpses; moments; encounters; that have introduced me to this greater reality but I’m on a quest to not only experience it but to live in that greater reality. I’m determined to enjoy every step of this journey or quest, learning every lesson that presents itself along the way, knowing that in these very acts I am encountering greatness.