Joy in the Journey

 Well, we broke the rules Thursday night and let a guy speak at our all women’s group. He did a wonderful job encouraging us to stay at the feet of Jesus to receive all that He has for us. Our heavenly Father wants to walk out our life experiences with us. Unfortunately, as our special guest shared from his own personal experiences, we can get a word or direction from God and then take off running on our own, trying to make it happen. This will always put us on the longer, more difficult route to our desired goal. if we reach it at all. I think that many people get burned out, side tracked or lost in their journey due to running with, perhaps the will of God, but not with the plan of God.  I have found in my own life, when I am patient and wait on the Lord for not only what to do, but how and when to do it, I find much joy and peace in the journey. The bible says that Jesus, although He was on a very important seemingly difficult task, had more joy than them all. I believe that when we are doing God’s will, God’s way, no matter how difficult or important the task is, it is supposed to be fun and joyful.  Let’s determine to have joy on our journey with God while discovering all of the exciting things He has for us to learn, share and accomplish with Him guiding our every step. This will definitely lead to a rewarding and joyful journey.

Ignorance is bliss?

Ignorance can be bliss, like when you don’t know how many calories are in those amazing chocolate chip cookies you ate before bed last night. Unfortunately, not knowing doesn’t change the effect they have on your hips. We are warned in Hosea 4:6 that God’s people are destroyed due to a lack of knowledge. So, although we may ignore the calorie labels on our food, let’s determine to pursue a deeper knowledge of God’s Word in order to reap all the benefits we are offered as daughters of the King and avoid any destruction that the enemy has planned for us due to any lack of knowledge on our part.

Pursuit of His Presence

I have found in my pursuit of knowing God and walking in all that He has for me, that it is a step by step, day by day journey. It is a progressive walk that the Holy Spirit leads us in if we will only yield to His direction and guidance. He is ever present in every aspect of our lives as we pursue a life of love and freedom. The words in the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:10 says “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”, this tells us God’s heart is for His kingdom to be established here on earth. These words tell us that He wants heaven to touch earth. He doesn’t want us to wait till we leave this earth to experience the fullness of His glory. In heaven there is perfect peace, perfect love, fullness of joy and that’s just the beginning of what He has to offer us. The amazing thing is that He wants us to experience an ever-increasing awareness of those things now.  As we hunger and thirst for a deeper relationship with our heavenly father we discover the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Through our deep desire and expectation for Him and the study of His word we encounter the awesomeness of our Gods love and passion for us. We discover the all-consuming reality that we can travel through this earthly journey with His touch, His voice, His presence. Walking in union and intimacy with our heavenly Father becomes our life flow. Out of this flow we create an atmosphere of freedom, hope, and love that will encourage others to enter into His presence by which they can step into the flow with us. My primary focus is to know Him and to make Him known through learning to live the life He created for me. And as I have partnered with other women on the same pursuit I have stepped into this reality and so can you. We are living free and sassy!

Heavenly Father help us to believe all that You would have for us to be and to enter into it, and experience Your magnificent presence.