Some of us look at the coming New Year with great excitement and anticipation of things to come or perhaps, just looking forward to a fresh start with all our New Year’s resolutions. Others however, look upon the New Year as just seeing another year passing with unfulfilled dreams, setbacks, or disappointments. No matter which category you find yourself in, it is important for all of us to take time, as the previous year has come to an end, to work through some things with God. Look back over all the good things that have happened and say, “Thank you God”, giving Him praise for all His goodness. Make note of the areas that you have experienced improvement in and thank God for His grace that has empowered you. Take some time to assess any areas of your life that you recognize a need to develop, like spending more time with loved ones or taking more time in God’s Word each day. Then ask for the Holy Spirit’s help in walking out those things identified. And finally, take a moment to look at any unresolved disappointment in the year gone by. Do not ignore these things or suppress them but instead, lift them up to the Heavenly Father that truly loves you and cares about every aspect of and hurt in your life and heart. Determine not to carry any unresolved issues from last year into your New Year. Those things we do not lay at the feet of Jesus will only contaminate the newness and anticipation of greater things in 2014. Look at your unfulfilled dreams and ask the Lord for new vision or creative ideas for a re-birth of those dreams or perhaps, He will give you a new one. There is nothing to be gained by giving up, settling in, or succumbing to the oppression that disappointment can bring by not surrendering it all into the hands of a loving God. But, strength, favor, and blessing does come to all who stand firm, press through and hold tight to the promises and plans of God. So declare with me that 2014 will be a year of Great Grace and breakthrough as your hope is renewed in a God that truly sees you and desires for your joy to be fulfilled in Him!

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