The Roller Coaster Ride of Life

Unwanted, undeserved, detrimental experiences find their way into our lives.These events can put us on the roller coaster ride of life with the ups and downs of emotional insanities. One moment we feel strong and on top of the situations of this life and then seemingly with out warning our emotions carry us on a downward spiral with our stomach or heart thrust into our throat. How does one find peace once the fingerprint of molestation is stamped on them; normal becomes confused by the tragedy of divorce; lines we thought were clear become blurred by the lies of one we trusted; and straight lines made crooked by each blow of a boyfriend,father, husbands hand. Then, living just becomes surviving, which inadvertently becomes a life of maintaining. Maintaining sanity, maintaining the strategized semblance of a balance we work so hard to create.With so many varying life experiences and manners of upbringing how do we determine what is normal; how do we determine the “right” way? We could sit and ponder the discrepancies of life all day and never understand the complexities. The only answer is found in Jesus Christ; for He alone is the Way the Truth and the Life. Only His truth brings the answers to our ups and downs in this life. Only as we follow Him will we find the life our soul cries out for. Hit the stop button; get off the roller coaster; call out to Jesus and say “HELP ME”. We need every lie exposed and replaced with His truth. Determine to walk in the way that brings truth so that you can have LIFE!

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