No to Status Quo!

Do you ever feel like you are capable of so much more and yet seem to be bumping up against some invisible ceiling that keeps you held down to a status quo? You may excuse it with thoughts like “I produce as much as others I know” or maybe you think, “I’m more productive than most of my friends”. But, deep down you know there is more. And when did we decide our standard of living was based on someone else’s level of productivity or lack thereof. My question is, “God, what capacity did you create me to function in and help me to fully develop, fully create, and fully produce in this life to my fullest capacity?” If we as Christians all began our day with that thought, I wonder what God could do with our lives and I wonder what impossibilities could become possibilities. For with God nothing is impossible. So, let’s bust through that false ceiling by aligning our thoughts with His thoughts and seeing what He has to say about our capabilities.


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