Why I Write

“Woman you are loosed! Loosed to live, love, and experience life to the fullest.” This is what our heavenly Father is saying to His daughters. So, how do we actually live this out? As we come together and explore what a life of freedom looks like, our eyes will become more and more open to the many blessings our Heavenly Father has for us. As we discover there are no limitation to this amazing life God has given us we will awaken the sass within us that says, “Oh NO”, to the dark forces of the enemy coming against our minds, our children, our marriages. Let us point our finger at the enemy and say, “No More, you are messing with the wrong lady- I am a Free and Sassy lady who is linked with an army of women who are learning together how to Rise up in Power and take hold of Freedom”. Join me as a friend on facebook or follow my blog to join this army of women.
Sheree Shannon -committed to spreading Freedom!


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