Let Love talk the Loudest

It is important to acknowledge as Christians we should all be desiring the same things: A close intimate walk with God; to fulfill our God given destinies; to live life as Jesus did impacting all those around us for Gods glory. What we can sometimes forget is to give grace to those who maybe get there a little differently than we do or their priorities and focus at one time or another may not pattern ours. Lets determine to focus on who God is wanting to be in and through our own lives and not try to be god in the life of others.

Keeping Perspective

If you knew you had 100 years on earth and 500 years in paradise; which would you concentrate on building for, the 100 year period or the 500 years? Would you focus on making everything perfect for the 100 or channel most of your energy to prepare for the 500 years? Well, as Christians, we are promised an eternity with our Heavenly Father in heaven, the perfect paradise. It is hard for us to comprehend what eternity means, but this life on earth is just a vapor of time. When we keep our view of life in this perspective our energies will be best used in storing up treasures in heaven, not on earth. When we remember that Jesus said He was going to prepare a place for us; a divinely built dwelling place, we can stop concerning ourselves with building the perfect temporary dwelling while here on earth and focus our time on gaining future neighbors.