What Time Is It?

It is critical in the times we are living in to recognize our seasons and what God is doing at the time/moment in our history. As we build our lives around making room for Him, allowing our disciplines to create opportunity and place proper value to what is important to us, we will be equipped to take hold of His truths and bring them into our reality. We must start by asking, do we truly understand the season we are in and what we should be doing in response? There are strategies to be acquired that will continually propel us into the next victory as the Word says, from glory to glory, empowering us to fully capitalize on all the potential that each season of life holds. But, with every strategy there are tactics to be learned.  The way we think is directly attached to the way we act therefore, we cannot limit our thought process to only what we know. For us to Live in the proper season with full authority to carry out the purposes of that season, we will need to rely on the Holy Spirit leading our thoughts thus actions. These strategies and tactics for knowing the times and seasons and what is possible for us to accomplish in each season will require us to continually be asking God questions, thinking critically and pressing into the presence of God where He can reveal to us the many treasures of wisdom, insight, understanding and creativity that He alone can offer. There are no limits to the possibilities of a life lived fully embracing what God is doing and equipping us to do in each moment in time. A life fully lived is a life that is in the right place at the right time to see the fullness of what God is doing at that time.


Time is just the thing that passes, so stop watching it pass and commit to just love the person right in front of you, commit to do the thing right in front of you that needs to be done and then you will find that you are fully enjoying the moments that make up time.

Keeping Perspective

If you knew you had 100 years on earth and 500 years in paradise; which would you concentrate on building for, the 100 year period or the 500 years? Would you focus on making everything perfect for the 100 or channel most of your energy to prepare for the 500 years? Well, as Christians, we are promised an eternity with our Heavenly Father in heaven, the perfect paradise. It is hard for us to comprehend what eternity means, but this life on earth is just a vapor of time. When we keep our view of life in this perspective our energies will be best used in storing up treasures in heaven, not on earth. When we remember that Jesus said He was going to prepare a place for us; a divinely built dwelling place, we can stop concerning ourselves with building the perfect temporary dwelling while here on earth and focus our time on gaining future neighbors.